Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Background Question #4

What are the resources/mechanisms for activities in our everyday lives?

ANSWER FROM BETH T Nature, art making, story telling. music anything that triggers an imaginative response to the task at hand.

Our financial resources that permit us to travel, be mobile outside the home for activities like shopping, errands, socializing. Friends and family are a resource. Our cognitive and physical abilities are resources. A kitchen is a resource that gives us the opportunity to fix our own meals, entertain, do dishes, set the table, do laundry, clean. Most homes have computers, and that can allow for endless hours of activities and connections with others. Transportation enables most of us to go where we want to when we want to. So the community at large is a resource and events taking place in that community. We manage our own schedules and calendars. We can pretty much do what we want when we want, including eating, bathing, sleeping, when to get up, when to go to bed when and what we eat. The greater community is a resource, because people are living in the community! Community Life!! So relationships, freedom and choice are mechanisms and resources to our ability to be active as we choose. And in the community, we are more apt to have family, neighbors and friends drop by, offer to assist, etc. Once you are living in a residential setting, people feel you are taken care of and not as apt to visit or offer assistance.

ANSWER FROM KIM C facebook, email, phone, neighborhood resources (riverwest!) fun activities usually get edged out by work.

ANSWER FROM BETH MA phone, internet and video, written communicationn- newspapers and magazines, social networks and in person communication....(right out of our PCC training for ADS programming transformation...ouch!)

ANSWER FROM ARLENE G I'm tempted to answer "everything." The world is jam-packed with ideas, relationships and materials, many of them free for the taking. I don't know how to cram this abundance into a list of resources and mechanisms, but a few free or inexpensive things to access that come easily to mind are: nature, public libraries, community centers, oral histories and storytelling, making your own music, dancing and making new clothes or new objects from old ones.

ANSWER FROM JUDY D A similar answer. Family and friends are my resources for activities in my everyday life. But I also need transportation, media, and paid services (a trainer at the YMCA).

generally we don't have someone else plan out our days, we do so ourselves. we have more spontaneous activity, but also structured groups ie. taekwondo. Again though it depends on individual interests and abilities. And also our available free time.

People, places, things, different environments.


space and support to be alone or together with infusions of ideas and inspiration from outside oneself as well as outlets for sharing.

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